Gumballs currently supplies fresh ingredients to over a hundred cafes and restaurants at a reasonable price.

If you are a cafe owner interested in stocking our products,
please contact us for a product and price list: (email link)

Tapioca Pearl (3 or 5kg)
Black tapioca pearl, is our most popular topping for ice teas. It absorbs the flavour of the tea and therefore can be used in any flavoured drink.

Tea Leaf
High quality loose tea leaf, red tea, green Tea, Fruit Tea

Jelly (3 or 5kg)
A novel alternative to tapioca pearl. Can add a fun to any drink and is available in many flavours. Our jellies are 98% fat free and gelatine free.

Bubble Tea Packaging
500 ml cups 1,000 cups per carton, large & small straws, cup sealing film leak proof finish to your packaging.

Jellies Topping (3 or 5kg)
100% natural fruit Jams can be used to add flavour and fruity texture to frappes & Smoothies. Available in many fruit flavours.

Cup Sealing Machine
Automatic cup sealing machine, give your drink a hygienic and spill-free seal, fast & convenient Economical to run.

Fruit Syrup (2.5L)
100% natural fruit syrup, no artificial colour and preservative Used in Frappes, Smoothies and Ice Brewed Tea/ Bubble, Tea. Many flavours to choose from.

Sealing Film
Sealing film rolls come in two size of 3,600 or 5,000 seals per roll. Images or can be custom printed. (*min. order require)

Flavour Power (1kg)
Our Powders are made from 100% natural ingredients with many flavours to choose from.

3 in 1 Tea Powder (1kg)
Ground from quality tea leaf. Red tea powder. Red milk tea powder. Green tea powder. Green milk tea powder.

Ready Mixed Tea
Ready to serve tea in 17-18 Litres drum.

*Minimum delivery per order $200. We need at least 24 hrs notice to prepare and deliver your order, otherwise customers may need to pick up their
orders directly from head office.