Southeast Asia Icy Dessert

  Ice Chendol
Pandan jelly strips, red bean, coconut jelly & palm sugar with coconut milk

Ice Kachang
Mix jelly, palm seed, red bean, herbal jelly with pandan syrup, palm sugar, sweet corn paste with evaporated milk

Halo Halo
Mix jelly, pearls & red bean with coconut milk / evaporated milk

Coconut Sago
Mix jelly, coconut jelly, sago & pearls with pandan syrup and coconut milk

Che Bo Mau
Red bean, green agar strips, coconut jelly & red bean with coconut milk

Che Thai
Green agar strips, jackfruit, tapioca coated chestnut with coconut milk

Che Suongsa
Tapioca coated chestnut, red beans, herbal jelly, jackfruit and coconut jelly with coconut milk
  Mixed-Fruit Kachang
Mix tropical fruits with passion fruit pearls, pandan syrup & coconut milk

Sago Gulaman
Honey melon drink with pearls, sago & herbal jelly

Herbal Jelly
Herbal jelly with star-fruit jelly

Beancurd Pudding
Beancurd pudding with almond or lychee syrup

Taro Coconut Sago
Taro balls, sweet potato balls & pearls serve with creamy coconut milk

Hot beancurd pudding with pearls and honey melon syrup