So you are a curious Gumballs fan and interested in being a part of the Gumballs family?

At Gumballs we always support our franchisees and take them along the Gumballs way. There are many benefits of choosing a Gumballs franchise:

As a prominent player in the tea, desserts and snacks market we offer our brand name and high customer loyalty base to get our franchisees further. Gumballs is known to all who enjoy our products and we make sure all our stores have the same great quality and service so our customers come back time and time again!

Our customised operating system - At Gumballs when a new franchisee decides to embark on a journey with us, we allocate an experienced Gumballs manager to work exclusively with the new location. In this case, he/she will be based within the new location and analyse the customer traffic flow and trends in order to customise a unique operations system to ensure the day to day operations are the most efficient and profitable.

International and Domestic Support- At Gumballs we take care of our franchisees. We don’t throw our franchisees into the deep end without a paddle! We keep in constant contact with our franchisee to make sure things are running smoothly. We work consistently together to help each location succeed in business.

Leverage of ideas - At Gumballs we all leverage off each other to support each other. We gather ideas and brainstorm together of new products and promotions and spread the cost of marketing and stock in order to generate the most value for all parties. If you have a great ideas for a new product in your Gumballs store, we always welcome it and make sure it is spread through the other stores, we value new ideas!